Invited Presentations

Invited presentations are listed below. While most are confidential within Novartis, links to P&T commitee meetings can be found at the end.

  1. Ghebremariam S, Degtyarav E, Ma F, Vallow S, Petrenchik L. Panelist. Clinical and Regulatory Perspectives on Estimands in Patient-Reported outcomes (PROs): Recent FDA Interactions. Promotion of Estimands Thinking Seminar [Novartis]. November 2022
  2. C Dunger-Baldauf, E Degtyarav, F Ma, E Ortmann , L Petrenchik, C Holmes. How can evidence about time to deterioration based on patient reported outcomes support decision making of patients, physicians, regulators, and health technology assessment bodies? Looking close and beyond. Development Innovation Conference [Novartis]. October 2022
  3. Petrenchik L, Ortmann E, Dunger-Baldauf C. Estimands in the context of PROs. Promotion of Estimands Thinking Working Group [Novartis]. July 2022
  4. 4.Dunger-Baldauf C, Izem R, Petrenchik L, Salomon H, Hudgens S. Updates on Patient Report Outcomes (PRO) Time to Deterioration Analyses in Oncology Clinical Trials. Biostatistics Seminar [WMA Oncology Analytics; Novartis]. June 2022
  5. Zhang Y, Sakar R, Liu A, Petrenchik L.  GMA overview of REACH3 publication activities. GMA Biostatistics [Novartis]. March 2022.
  6. Petrenchik L, Manson S, Nandi K. RShiny for PRO data visualization: Tabrecta case study. Advanced Analytics Workshop [Novartis]. January 2022
  7. Petrenchik L. Amida Care Pharmacy and Therapeutics Review: Pifeltro & Delstrigo. Amida Care, New York, NY. September 2018
  8. Housing Works, Petrenchik L. Naloxone Kits and Training. Touro College of Pharmacy. April 2018
  9. Petrenchik L. Amida Care Pharmacy and Therapeutics Review: Steglatro. Amida Care, New York. March 2018
Title Date
Value Based Healthcare 4/27/20
Pifeltro and Delstrigo: Amida Care P&T Review 9/30/18
Simfy Lo: Amida Care P&T Review 4/1/18
Steglatro: Amida Care P&T Review 3/21/18
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